Vitamin D baby!

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Happy Monday! This weather is so beautiful right now..Crisp and cold but nice and sunny…Sunny days are so great. Did you know that most people are deficient in Vit D…I found that that I was a little deficient in Vid D after I had Nylah. I took 2,000 Iu’s a day of Vit D3 for a little over a year and now my levels are great. There is so much research being done of low Vid D levels and cancer and disease. You may want to supplement daily with 1,000 Iu’s of Vit D3 daily. May even want to get levels checked (can have simple blood draw) I know that low vitamin D levels can contribute to fatigue and lots of different little bothersome things..Plus, Vit D 3 is great for Immunity. Take the dose that is right for you and ask your natural health practitioner (or western doctor) what is a good dose for you. I take 2,000 Iu’d a day and a little more if I am sick or fighting off a sickness….

You can also sit in the sun for a little bit (Not to long or we get into skin cancer risks etc….) I also give Nylah Vit D 3 drops in her water or almond milk daily and have since she was born. I give her 500 Iu’s daily..Be Well, Amy

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