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Spring Allergies are here!

Hi All- Happy Spring…What an amazing and Fresh time of year…I just love spring weather! The allergies can be rough for some people with all the pollen and things blooming. I will be chatting today about some natural and nourishing things you can do to ease allergens. In my opinion, your immunity has so much to do with how you are affected by allergies. The more boosted and strong our immunity is the better we can fight allergies of all sorts. So here are some simple and easy tips:

  • Make sure to get lots of sleep-Your body heals when you are sleeping
  • Eat a Rainbow on your plate every day!- bright colored foods are high in antioxidants
  • Drink lots of yummy bone broth- bone broth is so nourishing and helps you stay strong
  • Drink Nettle tea- Nettle tea is so rich in vitamins and minerals- helps fight allergies
  • Take a supplement called D-hist ( they have an adult and kids version)- buy at Farmacopia- or ask me
  • Local Honey can be amazing to help fight allergies- warm water, lemon and local honey is a natural cough syrup
  • Eat a diet that is anti-inflammatory- when the body is inflamed it can become toxic and weak
  • Boost your digestion- over 70% of your immunity lives in you gut- take probiotics daily and/ or eat fermented foods
  • Omega 3 oils help fight inflammation- cod liver oil, flax oil and help oil are great sources

Please call me if you want to support your allergies and more we can work on this together! I am offering 25.00 off your first visit with me for the months of March and April. Also, refer a friend and get discounts on your future follow up visits. Thanks and Be Well, Amy


Fight The FLU Baby!

Hi Friends- I have not blogged in Sooooo long. I am so glad to be blogging and connecting today with all of you. I am going to be talking about the fun FLU today. It’s that time of year when you are surrounded by the funky flu. How can you not get sick? or if you do get sick..get less sick?? My answer is boost all year long and double boost when your surrounded by sickies.

Here are some simple suggestion to follow to feel nourished and boosted:

  • Make sure you are sleeping good. Go to bed early if you can
  • Stress Less..Stress makes you sick! lowers immunity
  • Exercise a few times a week
  • Wash your hands, your kids hands and sing your ABC”S when washing baby!
  • Eat warming seasonal foods- soups, bone broths, stews, cooked greens and lots of turmeric and cumin spices added to food
  • Eat a Rainbow of color on your plate with beautiful vibrant fruits and veggies

Supplements that can help:

  • Vitamin D3 – 2,000 ius a day is good. Take more if you feel yourself getting run down or sick- get you vit d levels checked if you can
  • Probiotics – 70% of your immunity lives in your gut so boost it up baby
  • Omega 3s –  I love cod liver oil and so does my 3.5 year old..crazy right?

There is so much more I could say about boosting immunity but these are some really simple ways to stay boosted.

Be Well, Amy


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