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Magical Monday- Ease into your week! Plus: an easy meal


Happy Monday….I can’t believe it’s already monday and it’s been a busy day! Being such a busy monday, like most of us are…….It reminded me that I wanted to write about EASING into your week….

What if monday could be a slower day…..I know…I know.. how can it be Slower it’s monday for gosh sake? Ya right!…..But seriously, maybe monday’s can be slower-  we as busy people/parents etc can start to ease into our week by choosing a couple of simple things like these below:

  •  taking a little more time ( like 5 mins) to stretch in bed before we get up
  •  doing some gentle breathing and setting our intentions for the week before we get up ( 1-2 mins)
  • maybe trying to take more long deep breaths during the day
  • get outside a bit more
  • have mondays be a SUPER EASY dinner night!!

Bottom line just EASE into your week……Just be more mindful about easing into your week….pause….be grateful…pause,…and get back to the monday hustle….with pausing more!

So, here is a simple fun recipe from my cookbook Nourishment Made Simple for Kids and Busy Families.. Enjoy with EASE on this Magical Monday

Easy Mini Pizza’s


4-6 pieces of gluten free bread- or bread of choice)

1/2 cup of organic canned tomato sauce

1 cup organic cheese shredded

½ cup cooked ham or salami – chop rough

½ cup black chopped canned olives


1.Preheat oven to 425


  1. Line toast on a baking pan and bake for 5 mins


  1. Take toast out and spread sauce evenly on each slice of toast


  1. Add above toppings evenly to each slice of toast (or topping of your choice)


  1. Bake for 4 min’s or until cheese is melted. Cool a bit and Serve!

Optional toppings: green onions, pinnacle, fresh tomato, chopped zucchini or other veggies. Add more sauce or more toppings if you wish!

Fun Tips: Make this fun for kids buy placing all pizza ingredients in a muffin pan and letting kids decorate their own pizzas. This would be super fun for a chill night with the family or when having some kids over for a play date!

Serves: 4-6

With love and sparkle,


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