Sunday Fun Day

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Happy Sunday..So I know its one extra thing to do on the weekend but…..meal planning and cooking for your week makes everything so much less stressful! I try very hard (but don’t always) to cook up some foods and meal plan on sundays/mondays..This way my week is a little more organized and I feel less stressed especially around dinner time. A few tips: cook up some grains, chicken breast or any grass fed meats, hard boil eggs, sauté some greens, cook some sweet potatoes, and pre wash some veggies (and cut up) and some lettuce and keep in fridge so you just have to grab and put on plate..Also, the more veggies that you keep in your fridge the more you you will eat (or the more that will go rotten….but eating them is so much better and saves money too) I have so many more tips on getting your week organized as far as meals and healthy snacks…..The first two people to email me ( will get half off of there first Nutritional Consultation appointment with me so we can start planning….Such an amazing deal….Also, Nylah loves to help me cook on the weekends and prep for week.Get the kiddos and family involved in this process…. then its less work for you AND food creates connection and love! Be Well, Amy

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