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Happy Sunday! what a beautiful day…Sundays are normally my day to get ready for the week. I call it “Sunday fun day” I prep food for the week, meal plan, sometimes shop (mostly food shop on Mondays). I will say that at first when I started implementing Sunday fun day it seemed like ONE MORE THING TO DO…However, I have found over time that if i don’t participate in “Sunday fun day” i end up feeling more frazzled and stress during the week when it comes to meals and having nourishing foods in the fridge. SO here are a few little tips to create your own Sunday fun day:

Sunday Fun day foods”
Cook up a cup or so of grains – soak first if you can

wash and cut up lettuce, carrots, any veggies (if there washed and ready you will eat more)

bake some chicken, same time bake some sweet potatoes, as tour baking these saute some greens

you can make some immunity broths or bone broths and slow cook all day- add to grains for extra nutrition.

sit down and plan out meals for 3 days for the week…you can plan one day for left overs and one day for a special creation. When you get home at it’s 6 pm and you say “what am I gonna cook/eat for dinner” you can rest assure that you already have some grains, protein and washed veggies in the fridge. All you have to do now is do minimal cooking to have a nourishing and balanced meal within a half hour or less…Hope this helps..i have many more tips if you would like to talk to me one on one…

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