Say NO to White Sugar (and white foods)

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Happy Sunday….I am going to write a bit today about White Sugar and the reason we really should be avoiding it!  When we have excess blood sugar levels this can lead to a wide variety of diseases. Some of these diseases are diabetes and cancer. What is processed sugar you ask? Well let me fill ya in:
Processed (or refined) Sugars are- brown sugar, organic white sugar, fructose, and corn syrup
Try to use sweeteners that are minimally processed. These are:
maple syrup, honey, malt syrup, palm sugar/syrup, date sugar and coconut palm sugars. These sugars are still SUGAR but they are less processed and include minerals, vitamins and enzymes. They are processed more slowly in your body and tend to keep insulin levels more stable. Sugar is Sugar! There are just some better choices that will serve your body with more nutrients than “white sugars” that are more processed. Eat fruit in moderation- fruit is better for you but still has sugar (berries are lower on Glycemic index/load))

Also, we need to keep our body less acidic and more ALKALINE…So its a great idea to try to remove all “white foods” from your diet if possible. These foods are: 
white sugar
pastries- Man this is a hard one for me! yummy!
fried foods

Increase foods that are Alkaline
sea veggies
pre-soaked beans/grainns
miso-fermented foods

Some info for today’s blog is from Nourishing Connections cookbook- A must have cookbook supporting the Ceres Community Project..Can order on amazon or buy locally at whole foods/community market.

Have a great week…Be well, Amy

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  1. Sarah

    Thank you for keeping me inspired. Pastries is a big one for me, too (and for my daughter). Question: what about stevia and agave nectar? Are they better sugar replacements? (And maybe Oliver's and WF should start offering their baked goods with these less-processed sweeteners.)

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