Nylah Loves Green Juice (so does mommy)

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Nylah loves this simple green juice….I love it too..Makes my cells come alive…Juicing is great and easy on digestion but lacks fiber…so remember to still eat up those veggies to get the fiber! Also, make sure if you do juice, to juice more green veggies than fruit (3 to 1 ratio- 3 veggies to one fruit) You don’t want the crazy sugar high and low with juicing to many fruits (this includes carrots and any sweet veggie) Enjoy!!! Amy

Simple and Nourishing Green Drink
1 medium size organic cucumber (peel if not organic)
4-5 stalks of organic celery
1 organic apple or pear
A handful of organic curly parsley
 Must have a juicer to make this juice. Wash all veggies/fruits and cut into medium pieces to fit best in your juicer. Juice in the order of the ingredients. Make sure when juicing you juice more green veggies than fruit ( I do 3 green veggies to 1 fruit). The juice is really concentrated and fruit has so much sugar so you could feel light headed, and nauseous with to much fruit. Juicing can give amazing energy. For maximum health benefits drink fresh juice right after juicing. Juicing takes out the fiber in the veggies so its very easy to digest. We also need fiber so remember to get more veggies on your plate throughout the day. I Love Juicing!
Nutritional Benefits:
Celery juice
 A good source of magnesium, sodium and iron
Contains calcium
Quiets the nerves and may provide sound sleep
Contains vitamin C
Parsley Juice
This is considered natures multivitamin
Use only a bit (2 oz or so) because it is highly concentrated.
An important cleansing herb
Strongly alkaline
Contains calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium
Cucumber Juice
Cucumbers are very cooling for the digestive system
Super refreshing
Apple Juice
Full of fiber and vitamins
Nice sweet taste
Veggie Juice Nutritional info from Bauman College Cookbook. Recipes & Remedies for Rejuvenation Cookbook

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