Nylah and Veggie Fun!

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So I always try to make a point of having Nylah help me unload the groceries and her special job is to put the veggies away in the fridge..The fun thing we do is talk about what the name of the veggies are and how amazing they are for our bodies…This keeps it fun and she gets excited about eating them. So cute when she says in her little voice ” I love fennel mommy” and “the carrots look so fresh”…She is a really good eater and loves her greens..I have to wonder if its because we make it fun to learn about them and also talk about veggies a lot and what we can make with them for dinners and snacks…Try this with your little one…Ya never know what may happen…Be well, Amy

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  1. Amy Hudgens

    Fun! not Funl..I found the spellcheck than goodness..Amy

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