Magical Monday- Ease & Joy and a Yummy Recipe!

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Happy Magical Monday- I am all about having more ease and joy lately and I’m trying to add more of these two things into each day! Laughing, letting- go and daily gratitude are 3 simple ways  I am starting to create more ease and joy in my life.  So, today I want to just say…

You are amazing!

You are brave!

You are the best!

And eat Yummy Easy and Joyful foods!

And here is an easy and joyful after dinner ( or whenever..) treat just for you on this Magical Monday… Enjoy!

Amazing Raw Apple “ Pie”


2 medium red or green organic apples

2-4 tablespoons of almond butter- or any nut butter

1 tsp cinnamon

1.4 tsp cardamom- optional

Optional: plain whole fat organic yogurt


  • Slice apples vertically so they are flat little circles
  • Place apples on a Plate
  • Spread some almond butter evenly on each apple slice
  • Top with cinnamon and Enjoy

Fun Tip: This is a great easy fun dessert or snack to make with kids. Loaded with fiber and protein!

With love and sparkle


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