Magic Monday- Simplify & De- Clutter= Joy & Ease

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Happy Monday AND Happy New Year…I am so excited to blog again. I have been wanting to blog about simplifying and de-cluttering for some time..I am so ready to simplify my house, stuff, work, life etc..

I will also be blogging more about how to add cooking, meal prep and self- care to this project soon BUT one step at a time right?? stay tuned…

When things are less ” cluttery” I always feel better and have more space to do things that nourish me…I also feel more rested, creative and inspired when my space and life feels less cluttery…

I want to start a DE-Cluttering Made Simple project…the intention behind this is to de-clutter and simplify in a SIMPLE and non-stressful way….It’s all about EASE and JOY …

Here are some basic ideas I have. Weekly/Monthly****
1- Fill up 2-3 bags a week of stuff that no longer serves you from your home. You can do this solo or ask your family to also fill 1 bag a week.
2- Pick a day to take this weekly gathering to a donation place of your choice. This is important to take the stuff out right away or if will just sit and clutter another space
3-Pick 1 closet or ” closed door area” per week and clean it out, organize and de-clutter.
4- Pick one day to do 1-2 loads of wash and hang up clothes after. This may be a given but we all know we have those chairs or benches that collect all our ” dirty or clean clothing “and add to the CLUTTER piles
5. Plan 1 monthly ( or every 2 months) project to work on something in your space you want to improve, clean up etc. This can be something you do alone or with your family or friends.
6- Take a few hours away from electronics,,this mini fast may help feed your soup and open up space for so much more

Thanks all for now…Some of you may choose to do all these steps ( and more ) in one day or weekend. Thats fine too but this project is intended to simplify and de-clutter in a simple way where you feel light and energized during/after…So, do what makes you feel LIGHT not HEAVY.

I hope these tips help..
Who wants to do these with me??

P.S- Remember to sign up for my free guide on my homepage…

With love and sparkle

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