Magic Monday- Play & Self Care

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Happy Magical Monday!

I am  going to be talking about the importance of play and self care today…And even better, how we can all do these more in 5-10 mins!

It is so important as busy moms ( and everyone) to make sure we are taking care of ourselves first…I know this sometimes seems impossible right? It sure does for me! With the never-ending “to-do” lists and things that must get done, I often see people ( especially busy moms) put themselves last on this long list of things to GET DONE….I am really getting more focused on scheduling in more time for myself to have play and self care…It’s so important and necessary. Let’s all fill up our cups so we are not always draining the energy bank OK?…And then we can also help more people and be more present doing it…

So on this magical monday, I want to invite you to allow a little more PLAY and SELF- CARE into your life….Maybe try scheduling it in your calendar so it really does get done…Just 5-10 mins! We can all do it together… Below, are some self care tips that are simple and take only a few mins!


  • Take a 10-­‐minute warm bath with Epsom salt-­‐ Epsom salt can help relax the body!
  • Do some sort of meditation for 5 minutes in the morning when you are waking up. This can be saying a simple mantra like “ you are calm and relaxed” said over and over again. This can help be in the present moment
  • Do some slow and deep breathing! This resets the nervous system and activates your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Take a 5-­‐10 minute walk and be in nature
  • Drink a cup of warm herbal tea and listen to music
  • Write in a gratitude journal for 5-10 mins daily
  •  Eat some comfort food that is also nourishing!
  •  LAUGH LAUGH – Increases Oxytocin! ” the love hormone”
  • HUG HUG HUG People  – this also increases Oxytocin
  • PLAY MORE….play games, dance or anything that is FUN!

Hope you enjoyed todays blog…

With love and sparkle- Amy

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