Love and Acceptance!

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Hi friends…I am writing today and feeling very happy and loved! I have really been trying to look a little closer and appreciate the “simple things” in life. Sometimes I can get so caught up in the “hurry” of my daily grind and not stop and “smell the roses”. The bottom line is that life is crazy, will be crazy, and NOTHING is guaranteed..The one thing you can count on is enjoying the “little things” and being mindful of how you are thinking about things that surround you. Stress can be hard to pin point and deal with. In fact, for me it’s a constant struggle to be “somewhat ZEN”. I feel like “what’s wrong with me”?? Well…I am starting to realize that nothing is wrong with me..It is simply the way stress hits my body..I do believe that I can change the way that I deal with stress by simply being more accepting of what is happening around me! I have been told for years just to “let go”…Well, I am not sure about you but…This is hard to do!! Simple but hard…I am writing to all you “type A” moms (or parents) and saying that “letting go” is a daily process for me and it probably will be for a while…I have a very active and verbal toddler. People kept telling me “just wait until she asks WHY about everything” Well, it has happened and it is FIERCE. So, I am having to breath differently and try to roll with it more lately than before. I am paying close attention to what happens in my body when I feel stress. It will take time but I am eager to feel more calm and “at ease” when I am in the throws of a busy life, my own business and a 3 year old!

The bottom line is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE sometimes every moment on some crazy days…

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