Load up on veggies

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Hi Friends- This weird weather pattern has a lot of kiddos and parents sick with a cold right now…Make sure to eat lots of whole foods and veggies. The liver needs attention now that its spring so give the liver some love love…Eat some artichokes and drink the juice (little bit at a time…) Eat lots of cilantro, spinach, kale, etc and make sure to eat a handful of greens with all meals during your day..This will help the body feel good, clean and you may feel way more energy! It is super important to nourish your body with good healthy foods…Here is a little recipe for you..Happy Saturday

Green Goodness
Handful of cilantro
Handful of spinich
1 cup of cooked grain (quinoa, brown rice etc)
some pumpkin seeds
handful of chopped tomatoes
some olive oil, salt and pepper
Can add a little goat cheese if eating dairy

This is a perfect little meal that is full of minerals and greens. Quinoa has a good amount of protein and is a Gluten Free grain…Enjoy….Be Well, Amy

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