Keep your eye on the prize….

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Happy Saturday….A fried just told me ” to keep my eye on the prize” and I thought I would blog about what it meant to me…As you may know I have started a nutrition business called Busy Bee Nutrition. It is still in its early stages and I am learning every day. As I start to build my business, I am trying a variety of things to see where my passion is..The problem is…I love doing so many things! I have so many ideas and only so much time…I am finding with each little project or idea I know what is WORKING and what is not working for me in this moment. I had a class today that nobody showed up to (but me). This was a first! Was it a total waste of time? No! because I am learning where and what to spend my energy on. I won’t know until I try things right? So, just like my wise friend said ” to keep my eye on the prize” I will do just that. I will still dream big and try new things. However, I will start to focus on a couple of projects that i am most passionate about and make them HAPPEN with total joy and success….I encourage you to “keep your eye on YOUR prize” and dream big….We can all live our best life…It just takes a little time to learn, grow and make some mistakes..heheh…Be well,Amy

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