Kale and some interesting info….

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So last night at dinner…Nylah was eating some Kale. Nylah Loves Kale. Kale is a super food. One of the most powerful Greens you can eat and enjoy. Kale has many health benefits. Nylah has been off dairy products for a while. We are trying to avoid having to put eat tubes in. She has a little issue with ear drainage. We think its resolving with the help of herbs, cranial sacral, and most recently homeopathy. With that said, we are always looking for non-dairy whole foods options that have lots of calcium. Kale has approx 179 mg of calcium per cup (cooked Kale). This is amazing! Toddlers need anywhere from 500-800 mg of calcium a day. So we are so happy Nylah loves to eat her Kale up. However, last night we learned a really good lesson about Kale and Nylah. We need to cut it up extra small and give it to her to eat! She had a mild choking session because she ate a “to big” piece of cooked Kale.. She was fine thankfully. She is usually pretty good about chewing her food good and not choking. We were reminded that she is still really small and needs her Kale cut up in little chunks. There are always little life lessons that teach ya a thing or two right?

So keep eating that Kale up and enjoy its magic powers! Just cut into small pieces for your little one. BE well, Amy

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