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Sorry I have not blogged in a while..We have been so busy and just got back from Disneyland last night. What a fun trip. Nylah enjoyed it so much (so did mommy and daddy). It was so great to see Nylah light up and smile the whole time..She woke up this morning and said “I am ready to go to disneyland now” She had her little backpack all ready to go and Dumbo in her hand. So Sweet! I am a little tired of eating in restaurants while traveling so I am going to be doing a light cleanse starting sunday for a week or so. I will be cutting out gluten, sugar, and any BAD stuff..Mike said he will also cleanse a bit with me as long as he can still have his coffee…hahah! How do you cleanse when you feel like its time to let your body rest and renew? I will be posting some recipes soon! I just wanted to connect with all of you today! Be Well, Amy

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