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Hi friends- Hope you are are great..what nice weather are having!! Love it! I wanted to make sure that you all are eating enough omega 3s and healthy fats…Its so important to make sure we are getting out omega 3s every day…Omega 3s have a lot of health benefits. One of the biggest benefits in helping reduce inflammation. Some ways to get omega 3s in your diet:
take a supplement-I love nordic naturals (great way to get the DHA in)
Flax oil (contains ALA omega 3 may convert to DHA in body over time)
Hemp oil
Chia Seeds- 3 tablespoons a day is all ya need to get the daily dose of omega 3s (ALA not DHA)
If you want to make sure you are getting DHA you need to get it from algae or fish. You can sometimes get DHA from sea veggies.
Other great oils to get the fats in your daily diet: coconut oil and olive oil..Coconut oil is great in hot cereal (put a teaspoon right in there and stir it up and enjoy) make a dressing out of olive oil or put it on top of any foods you consume to get all the nourishing benefits of this low heat oil…

Whenever I am feeling dry in the scalp and skin I know I need more fats and oils…It’s good to have these healthy fats in your diet and it is very easy to forget to implement them into your meals and snacks. Have a great rest of your day!!

May is already here tomorrow and I am offering 2 people to get 1/2 off their first nutrition session with me and if they refer a friend the friend will get 20.00 of their first visit..this is a great deal…email me if your interested…  
Be well, Amy

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