Greens with your Eggs!

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Happy Monday Friends….Its so Important to start your day off right with a nice healthy balanced breakfast. So Important to eat protein by 10 am to help your blood sugar stay balanced all day. I love eating eggs..”EGGIES” as Nylah calls them. Eggs can be acidic to the body alone SO I add some sauteed greens to them..Sometimes I make the greens ahead of time and just warm them up..Other times I saute them at the same time I am cooking my eggs. If I am really feeling tired (this is most days…..hahah) I just take some arugula and throw it on the top..I add a little olive oil on the top and YUM…The key is to add greens to every meal. A serving size is small (about the size of your hand) Its great to have protein, greens (to mineralize the body,..) little carbs and a little fats…I also like to serve my eggs/greens on some sweet potatoes instead of toast…Sometime I still love my toast! Nylah loves this breakfast and asks for some “GREENS” please with her “EGGIES” all the time…ENJOY!
Greens to use: kale, chard, spinach, cilantro , arugula or any one that you want!

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