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Happy Valentines Day…Enjoy this Healthy and Special Smoothie…..Amy

Oat Milk Date Smoothie
1 ½ cup oat milk (or almond, cashew, or rice)
½ cup pitted dates
½ tsp of cinnamon
½ tsp of nutmeg
Some ice to make it cold and thick if desired
Optional additions:
½ banana
½ cup blueberries
1 tablespoon flax meal
Handful of spinach
Some rice, hemp, or pea protein powder

Happy Valentines Day to ALL…Love is in the air….Eat your Dark Chocolate up and don’t feel guilty about it one bit! Dark chocolate has some “good for you” stuff in it…Get the stuff that is over 73 percent. ENJOY! BE grateful today (and everyday) I am so grateful for my health and beautiful family.. Nylah is so happy this morning just playing with her dolls and looking at the birdies outside..Enjoying this precious moment. 
Kiss the ones you love and hug them a little tighter….Love Love. Be well, Amy

Greens with your Eggs!

Happy Monday Friends….Its so Important to start your day off right with a nice healthy balanced breakfast. So Important to eat protein by 10 am to help your blood sugar stay balanced all day. I love eating eggs..”EGGIES” as Nylah calls them. Eggs can be acidic to the body alone SO I add some sauteed greens to them..Sometimes I make the greens ahead of time and just warm them up..Other times I saute them at the same time I am cooking my eggs. If I am really feeling tired (this is most days…..hahah) I just take some arugula and throw it on the top..I add a little olive oil on the top and YUM…The key is to add greens to every meal. A serving size is small (about the size of your hand) Its great to have protein, greens (to mineralize the body,..) little carbs and a little fats…I also like to serve my eggs/greens on some sweet potatoes instead of toast…Sometime I still love my toast! Nylah loves this breakfast and asks for some “GREENS” please with her “EGGIES” all the time…ENJOY!
Greens to use: kale, chard, spinach, cilantro , arugula or any one that you want!

Nylah and Veggie Fun!

So I always try to make a point of having Nylah help me unload the groceries and her special job is to put the veggies away in the fridge..The fun thing we do is talk about what the name of the veggies are and how amazing they are for our bodies…This keeps it fun and she gets excited about eating them. So cute when she says in her little voice ” I love fennel mommy” and “the carrots look so fresh”…She is a really good eater and loves her greens..I have to wonder if its because we make it fun to learn about them and also talk about veggies a lot and what we can make with them for dinners and snacks…Try this with your little one…Ya never know what may happen…Be well, Amy

Inspired by Nylah

Hi! Happy 2012. My name is Amy and I am a busy mom and owner of Busy Bee Nutrition. What better time to start a new business then when you are in the thick of things and busier than ever?? I know I am nuts but what can I say..My sweet daughter Nylah has inspired me to do many things. After Nylah was born I felt so depleted and I needed to make sure I was staying as nourished as I could. I started attending my moms groups and almost all the mammas were feeling the same way and asking the same questions  ” ” “how can we eat healthy and do it quick”? So I started listening to other mammas and asking questions..This was the start of creating Busy Bee Nutrition and knowing that I had to work with kids, moms and busy families everywhere.So now, I work with three local preschools , facilitate seasonal health seminars, starting the process of writing a kids cookbook, and seeing clients individually. I just feel so strong about eating WHOLE FOODS and helping families get healthier with simple, quick and nourishing recipes. Nylah has inspires me every day! In this blog I will be blogging about all types of things..Some recipes, some “health tips” and sometimes just day by day stuff with Nylah and my family craziness…This is going to be a fun journey for me….hope you enjoy the journey~ be well, Amy

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