Inspired by Nylah

Hi! Happy 2012. My name is Amy and I am a busy mom and owner of Busy Bee Nutrition. What better time to start a new business then when you are in the thick of things and busier than ever?? I know I am nuts but what can I say..My sweet daughter Nylah has inspired me to do many things. After Nylah was born I felt so depleted and I needed to make sure I was staying as nourished as I could. I started attending my moms groups and almost all the mammas were feeling the same way and asking the same questions  ” ” “how can we eat healthy and do it quick”? So I started listening to other mammas and asking questions..This was the start of creating Busy Bee Nutrition and knowing that I had to work with kids, moms and busy families everywhere.So now, I work with three local preschools , facilitate seasonal health seminars, starting the process of writing a kids cookbook, and seeing clients individually. I just feel so strong about eating WHOLE FOODS and helping families get healthier with simple, quick and nourishing recipes. Nylah has inspires me every day! In this blog I will be blogging about all types of things..Some recipes, some “health tips” and sometimes just day by day stuff with Nylah and my family craziness…This is going to be a fun journey for me….hope you enjoy the journey~ be well, Amy

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