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Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to talk a little today about how important your gut health is. Did you know that over 70% of your immunity lives in your gut? Also, a lot of major neurotransmitters live there as well….A lot of autoimmune issues are all linked right back to how your gut is preforming and how strong it is. I work a lot with digestive issues in my private practice. I have also struggled with digestive issues throughout my life. It is so easy for the gut to get off balance with the food we eat and the stress in the world right? Well, there are some little things you can do now to improve your gut health. Here are some basics:

Stress less! Stress raises stomach acid and stops normal digestion

Eat fermented foods to get good probiotics into your gut- miso, sauerkraut, kombucha, pickles

Take a good quality probiotic- I take 5 billion a day of Jarrow brand

Eat a diet that is anti-inflammatory- cut back gluten,dairy, soy , and nuts

Eat grass fed meats- these meats are said to be less inflammatory as non grass fed meats

Take a good Omega 3 and enjoy flax and olive oil daily- omega 3s reduce inflammation

I am sure there is some more tips but this will help you get started or remind you of some things to start doing again. I will post some recipes soon…Enjoy and Be well, Amy


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