Boost Up!!

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So there is this nasty cold going around..I was sure I would not get it because I have been feeling so strong immunity wise and exercising, yoga etc…Well…I got it! Mild so far…Hubby got it and he does not get sick often..Nylah is holding strong with just mild symptoms..Praise the homeopath remedy is right on! Anyways, Please boost up now and take care of yourself..Its going around! I am still trying to get outside to enjoy the sun and get some extra Vit D…If you live in Santa Rosa..I love farmacopia. You have to go get a special tincture made for you…Really has been helping me not feel like death. They are on Montgomery drive. Drink up some nettle tea (I posted tea recipe in a recent blog post) Nettle is so Nourishing! Also, extra vit c, vit d and whatever helps you stay boosted..Bone broths are the best! Most important is to laugh and keep stress to a minimum….I laugh daily with Nylah..She is really funny! In fact, she is a comic! Lesson of the day……LAUGH till your face hurts..So healing for the soul….Be Well, Amy

Get out a exercise or take a light walk…..So great for Lymph system to move your body and move those toxins….

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