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Hi friends! I know it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been in the process of creating a new website. My intention is to have my blog and my website all together. It’s coming along and I am having fun creating the website I love. I am blogging today for my very first time on my new website. It it a little different but I am getting use to it. I will be adding some amazing pics and changing things around on my new website when time permits..You will no longer go to my old blog site. Instead you will just log onto busybeenutrition and see my blog posts on my website. So thats all the updates I have for you at this time..more to come soon..Lots of new things in the works with Busy Bee Nutrition.

Health tip…make sure that you are staying hydrated in this warm weather. some great ways to stay hydrated are:

drink coconut water- amazing electrolytes

eat lots of cucumbers, celery and watermelon- very hydrating

add some chia seeds to your water- hydrates the body and good source of omega 3s (ALA)

add some lemon, mint or pinapple


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