Adaptogens- Stress Blockers!

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I love adaptogens and have taken them for a little while now. They make me feel like my reaction to stress is less crazy (well… adaptogens and a nice nervine mixture).  I take Ashwagandha, siberian ginseng, and mushrooms. Here is a little intro on adaptogens (from the web)…I am happy to help with any questions about adaptogens..Be Well, Amy

Adaptogenic Benefits for Your Body

Adaptogenic benefits are thought to be practically endless for human kind. For most of his life, Dr. Israel Brekhman dedicated his time to finding a natural way to bring happiness and health to all. He traveled to a remote area in the wild Russian jungle and mountains, known as the Primoyre, to find a variety of plants that would provide adaptogenic benefits to people.

Adaptogenic benefits can vary depending on the plants. Adaptogens generally help a person cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue, but again, various plants can provide much more according to your needs. Adaptogens are agents that come from plants. They are nontoxic, they increase a person’s resistance to various physical, chemical and biological stresses, and they help the body maintain homeostasis. The adaptogenic benefits of these agents are vast.

For example, the adaptogenic benefits of Reishi, or Lingzhi, are different from the adaptogenic benefits found in Ashwagandha, also known as Winter Cherry. Reishi is a mushroom that has been used for medicine in China for the past 4,000 years. Known as the “mushroom of immortality,” Reishi’s believed adaptogenic benefits are its ability to stabilize blood pressure and serve as a kidney and nerve tonic. The adaptogenic benefits of the winter cherry root, a traditional medicine in India, deal with endurance and the ability to fight off colds. Winter Cherry also has adaptogenic benefits like the ability to help rejuvenate the body, strengthen the immune system and control insomnia.

Adaptogenic benefits can range from stress, anxiety and fatigue relief to helping with issues with the immune system, liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and more.

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