I have used Amy Hudgens’s nutritional services and advise for over a year now for my family, childcare business and myself. With Amy’s supportive and loving approach to nutrition, she has helped tremendously in many different aspects. For my childcare business, Amy has helped me get more creative and add variety with easy kid friendly nutritious meals and snacks. Amy is able to offer child-friendly advice on ways to deliver food so that the children are happy and love eating. She has been there to answer questions and support childcare families from allergies to common ailments. For my family, and myself Amy has evaluated and provided guidance to help regulate and boost over energy levels in all of us by her food and supplement suggestions. Amy is always available to help with all our needs. The information she has given us is always timely and very helpful. I always feel better after following Amy’s nutrition suggestions. I am so grateful to have made this life connection with Amy.

Gena Price, Busy Mom & Licensed Childcare Provider, Sebastopol

I started seeing Amy for my problems with digestion and intestinal health. I have had issues for years and was tired of not getting help from my doctors. She has been a tremendous help! It’s obvious that Amy is very passionate about her job and is truly determined to help people. With each visit, she nudges me towards optimal nutrition in a gentle way with an understanding that most of us have busy daily lives. She has helped me create goals that I am able to stick to without feeling overwhelmed. I absolutely love having Amy as a resource. She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and has changed my life! She is a gem!

Diana- Medical Assistant, Santa Rosa CA

Amy Hudgens of Busy Bee Nutrition has helped me so much with my nutrition, which has made a big difference in my health. I have way more energy now, sleep better and feel that I can easily keep on track. She is very knowledgeable in so many aspects of health and nutrition. She’s able to recommend what will easily fit into an existing food plan or lifestyle so as to not overwhelm with too many difficult changes at once. In my experience she’s very gifted at helping to create a customized plan that can be successfully implemented. I never felt overwhelmed or discouraged at any point. Some of the changes that I implemented based on her recommendations, were really quite simple with amazingly quick results. She’s great to work with and makes it seem easy and fun. She also shares easy and great recipes. She’s a great resource. I highly recommend her.


My son has had an intolerance for all dairy since he was about three months old. My husband and I were constantly guessing about what we could feed him, and what was causing his recurring eczema and upset stomach. He seemed to be hungry all the time, and I was worried he wasn’t getting the right nutrients. We started working with Amy Hudgens over several sessions to help us not only figure out what was at the root of my son’s symptoms, but also what to feed him so that he could feel full and satisfied. Amy was so easy to work with, and from the very start she offered wonderful, simple advice that was easy to follow. She was very flexible and realistic in her suggestions, which I really appreciated. She listened to our concerns and was very direct about helping with each one, as well as giving us lots of time to ask questions. We started to see results with our son immediately, and even after that, Amy continued to offer suggestions to “fine-tune” his meals. After every session, she emailed us a detailed summary of what we went over so that I could refer to her ideas later. She also sent some great recipes, which I continue to use. After only a few months, I’m happy to say that we have an eczema-free, happy and full toddler! Thank you, Amy!

Jennifer F.- Busy Mom, Santa Rosa CA


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